At Longthorpe Primary School we work to achieve the following aims which encompass our school ethos/values and in doing so SUCCEED in life!



upport all children, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability, in achieving high standards in all areas of the curriculum and in attitude and behaviour.


nderpin children’s spiritual and moral development through the curriculum and in the general life of the school.


reate a lively, stimulating, caring and happy atmosphere in which each child can develop positive relationships, with understanding and respect for all and where all children can have fun.


atch children’s imagination with high quality teaching across a broad and balanced curriculum, differentiated to suit varying abilities and learning styles.


ncourage children to be confident and self-motivated, to take advantage of opportunities, to develop their own investigations and to develop an enthusiasm for life-long learning.


nsure clear leadership and effective management and make efficient use of the school’s resources in order to achieve the best possible learning outcomes.


evelop good, supportive working relationships between staff, children, parents, carers, governors and the wider community.