Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the resultant national lockdown during the Summer Term 2020, all statutory assessment in primary schools were cancelled.  This means there are no KS2 Results for 2020 recorded or listed below.

What are the SATS?

The Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) are used to evaluate your child’s educational progress at the end of years 2 and 6. They are used to make comparisons between children against the average attainment expectations for their respective age group, nationally.  They are also used to determine how well a school is performing.


Individual Pupil Scores

After sitting the SATs pupils are assigned a category of performance, which represents whether they are working at the expected standard, below the expected standard or at greater depth in the expected standard.


School Performance

Key Stage 2 performance tables, also known as league tables, are used to identify schools performing above or below the government’s floor standard, and those judged to be coasting.  The ‘floor’ standard is the percentage of children in a school attaining a Government determined target for SATs.  In 2017, a school will be above the floor if:

  • At least 65% of pupils meet the expected standard in English reading, English writing and mathematics; or
  • The school achieves sufficient progress scores in all three subjects. At least -5 English reading, -5 in English reading, -5 in mathematics and -7 in English writing

The following data for Peterborough and National has not yet been validated.  When the DfE does this later in the academic year, we will update the table if needed.

Key Stage 1 SATs
Key Stage 1 SATs take place in May of Year 2. The assessments are carried out by the child’s teacher and evaluate ability in reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, maths (number, shape, space and measurement) and science. The teacher will set short pieces of work in English and Maths to support the evaluation process.
Key Stage 2 SATs
Key Stage 2 SATs are a more formal process than key Stage 1 and take place in the May of year 6. The tests cover the three core subjects, English, Maths and Science. The papers are sent away to be marked externally with results being available before your child leaves primary school in July. More able children are teacher assessed to see if they are capable of reaching the higher level.
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