Key Term Topics

Spring Topics – Transport, Chinese New Year.

Trips: Local walk to the bridge to do a transport tally, visit to the Chinese restaurant.

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Key Subject Focus

Blue text indicates the criteria for children working at the expected level.


Literacy: Writing – 

Drawing/painting different forms of transport and labelling them

Daily Write Away sentences – a short modelled sentence e.g. “The red car.” which they children attempt to write independently.

Writing our new SFA digraphs e.g. ‘ee’ see the tree and using them in words

Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words.


Literacy: Reading – 

Learning our SFA digraphs e.g. ‘a_e’ bake a cake.

Practising our auditory blending skills e.g. hearing

b-a-g and knowing that makes the word bag.

Talking in detail about stories – key characters, events, making predictions.

Links sounds to letters.

Begins to read words and simple sentences.

Enjoys an increasing range of books.


Maths – 

Counting on to add

Learning the names of more shapes and talking about their properties

Using a tally system to count how many cars/vans/lorries/motorbikes we see on the parkway, writing these as numerals.

Using quantities and objects, children add two single-digit numbers and count on to find the answer.

Records, using marks they can interpret and explain.

Beginning to use mathematical names for 2D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe them.


Expressive Arts and Design – 

Designing our own forms of transport

Role playing as train/bus drivers

Painting/drawing forms of transport

Making red envelopes to give as gifts for Chinese New Year

Manipulates materials to achieve a planned effect

Uses simple tools and techniques competently and appropriately.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development – 

Playing turn taking games.

Speaking at the front of the class to discuss something we have made/written, or some new learning for us.

Continuing to follow our classroom rules, e.g. using team work to tidy up the classroom.

Children show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings, and form positive relationships with adults and other children.

They are confident to speak in a familiar group.


Physical Development – 

Experimenting with different ways of moving/transporting in P.E. e.g. rolling,skipping, jumping, hopping.

Talking about the effect of sport and healthy eating on our bodies

Children know the importance for good health of physical exercise, and a healthy diet.

Children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.


Understanding the World – 

Discussing all the different forms of transport we see around us and how many people they are transporting, touching on the benefits of public transport to reduce amount of vehicles on the road.

Discussing similarities and differences between different cultures when learning about Chinese New Year.

Children know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.

They talk about the features of their own immediate environment.


Communication and Language – 

Talking about ourselves and interests during Time To Talk at the end of the day

Using language in imaginative role play, including transport themed role play.

Introduce a storyline or narrative to their play.

Stick to the same theme or intention.

Uses talk to organise, sequence and clarify thoughts,

feelings and events.

Listen and responds to ideas expressed by others in conversation.


Reception Work