Key Term Topic

What makes Britain great?

This half term we are going to be learning all about Britain and what makes it great! We will be learning about what countries are part of Britain, the different places we can live and how to navigate to a range of locations. Then we will research different British inventors and what they have done to benefit our lives. This will be rooted in conversations evoked by a range of stimulus through P4C. We will also be learning about the wonderful wildlife that is in Britain and the History of the Monarchs.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – This half term our writing will be centred around short narratives. This will begin with consolidating the use of writing fundamentals, including full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. We will be focusing on our handwriting, fine motor development and grammar. We will be consolidating our use of conjunctions, different sentence types and including our independent ideas. Alongside this, we will be continuing to develop our skills of reading through SFA. We will be focusing on inference skills and predicting.

Maths – We will be using this half term to secure our understanding of taught skills. We will be focusing on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. From our assessments we have noticed that we will need to particularly focus on subtracting, using a fair swap. Alongside this we will continue to secure our rapid recall of number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. It is imperative that by the end of the year the children will be able to answer a number bond or times tables question within five seconds.

Art – In Art, we will be learning to print in the style of Andy Warhol. We will discuss and replicate his style by using bright colours and repeated patterns. We will be linking this to the History of Britain and its current Monarch. We will be learning how much pressure to apply when creating prints and exploring different mediums.

Computing – In computing we will recap what we have learned about loading and saving Word documents, inserting and formatting WordArt and Textboxes. We will begin to develop a concept of the World Wide Web (internet) and what a fantastic learning resource it can be, most importantly we will develop our understanding of how to use it safely. We will use the internet to safely search for images and insert them into a Word document.

Geography – In Geography we will be learning about the different countries that are part of the UK and the surrounding seas. We will be researching different settlements (villages, towns and cities) that people can live in and identifying their features. We will then be using this information to identify the advantages and disadvantages of living in these different areas. Alongside this, we will be drawing on our map skills to learn about different map symbols, what they represent and how to use them. We will then be creating our own maps of Longthorpe for people to follow!

History – As part of our topic, ‘What makes Britain great?’, we will be studying key British figures and their impact on society. We will also be looking at British inventions and how the world would be different without them. We will be looking at what makes our local area (Longthorpe and Peterborough) great by studying its History, for example Longthorpe Tower and Peterborough Cathedral. We will also be looking at key events in British History and placing these on a timeline to understand how different events impact each other and our lives today.

Music – We will be continuing to follow our Music curriculum as outlined in Music Express. This covers a range of musical expressions including inter-related dimensions of music.

RE – Our RE learning this term will focus on the celebration of Easter and all the significant dates involved with this. We will be having a Zoom meeting with our local vicar to teach us the story of Easter including Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We will be retelling the Easter story and also looking at how we celebrate Easter in Britain, eating hot cross buns and learning about the significance of the cross on them.

PE – We will be using our PE sessions to take part in Outdoor Adventure Activities. This will encourage us to develop our communication with one another. Our Sports Coach, Miss Hunt, will also be teaching some of the PE this term.

PSHE/P4C/Wellbeing – PSHE will focus around British Values, in particular rules and expectations. We will be using this to allow the children to take part in whole class discussions through P4C, where they will have the opportunity to express their own thoughts, ideas and feelings about a particular stimulus. This will be done through mutual respect for other children’s ideas, waiting for their turn to speak and building on other’s ideas. We will also be focusing on settling the children back into school, a selection of wellbeing activities and re-establishing friendships.

Science – We will be learning about different British wildlife and their characteristics. We will be conducting a birdwatch from our homes and the local woods to learn about their different habitats, what they eat and how they survive. Once we’ve learned about the different habitats we will find out what they eat and construct some food chains. To finish off our British wildlife learning we will make bird feeders to help keep the birds full through the rest of Winter!

Year 2 Work