Key Term Topic

Where does chocolate come from?

The purpose of our topic is to encourage people to think about where chocolate comes from and consider the ethical issues related to this, as well as historical and scientific considerations. Our topic builds up to a trip to Cadbury World. What we hope will be a wonderful experience for all!

We have signed up to Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 will run from Monday 24th February to Sunday 8th March. These two weeks are a fantastic opportunity to learn about Fairtrade and share the stories of the people who grow our food and drink.

Last year, schools across the country campaigned against unfair trade in the chocolate industry. This year we will continue the campaign to make sure cocoa farmers receive enough money to lead a dignified life.

We’ll be continuing to focus on cocoa, the special role women farmers play in the journey to living incomes, and sharing new stories and tools to get more people choosing Fairtrade chocolate. We will learn about Côte d’Ivoire, and Sierra Leone, to meet some truly inspiring women, and their families, who want their stories to be heard by the UK.

Based on what children know, they can inform others and encourage others to make considered choices when purchasing chocolate. We have a Fairtrade expert visiting us and we will be asking her questions in order to extend our understanding.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Alongside SFA, we will use some time in the afternoons to do some writing based on our topic. We will be taking part in philosophy for children debates, where they children have an opportunity to guide their own learning and thoughts. We will also be writing a leaflet about how cocoa beans are grown. We will be writing letters to our expert to thank her for coming in and sharing her own experiences of a visit to a cocoa farm. We will also be writing instructions on how to make chocolate!

Maths – Both year 1 and 2 will be covering number and place value and addition and subtraction throughout the Spring term. This will involve lots of work with concrete resources such as cubes, counters and tens and ones.

Art – Children to research animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest. Children to sketch these and paint with watercolours.

Computing – Children to use computer programs to design a chocolate bar and its packaging. Children then to create an advert using computer programs for their chocolate bar design. Safer Internet day is Tuesday 11th February and this will be our focus for this week.

DT – Children will design and make their chocolate bar. They will evaluate what worked well in their design and what they could improve for next time.

Geography – Children to research where chocolate comes from and study South America and the Ivory Coast. Children to create a leaflet about how cocoa beans are grown.

History – Children to learn about the history of cocoa / chocolate and the history of South America.

Music – Children to create a song about chocolate to accompany their advertisement.

RE – Children to learn about the Christian festival of Easter.

PE – Children will start to do PE outside, as the weather improves. They will be working on bat and ball skills through hockey, tennis.

PSHE – Children to continue to discuss citizenship and collaboration, linked to the whole school focus of The 6Cs. Children will also think about the ethical considerations behind the production of cocoa.

Science – Children will investigate the properties of chocolate and cocoa, through melting and cooling, observing changes and discussing fair testing.

Year 2 Work