Key Term Topic

Has Peterborough Always Been the Same?

Year 3 will be becoming historians! They will be understanding some of the key time periods in history, starting with the Bronze Age and finishing with the modern day.
Additionally, they will use their historian skills to lead their own learning projects on a specific area of interest, finding out how and why it has changed. They will be organising and presenting their research and findings at the end of the projects.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy –

This half term we are continuing our grammar work on recognising and understanding different word types and punctuation. The children have created different actions to help them with this.

In longer pieces of writing, the children will be creating different narratives, writing and performing poetry and creating non-chronological reports. The children will be learning different features of the specific genres and how and why these are included. Throughout their writing, the children will be working with others to share their ideas, use different planning templates and then create their piece of writing. We are also focusing on editing writing, ensuring it makes sense and the quality is maintained throughout.

Maths –

This half term we are revisiting the four operations, using written and mental calculations to solve a range of problems. Children are encouraged to show their working using concrete apparatus as well as working in the abstract. In addition, we will be revisiting fractions, decimals and percentages as well as properties of shapes.

We are continuing our numberbonds work, using the number bond facts to 10 to help solve calculations equalling 20 (16 + ? ) and 100 (65 + ?). Finally, we will be recapping the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.

Art and DT – Exploring local architects and using this knowledge to practise, plan and design our own building which develops the skills of perspective and precision drawing.

Computing – Children will be looking at how to choose a reliable website and questioning the sources and evaluating the digital content. Additionally, children will be using technology safely and responsibly as well as understand what acceptable behaviours are and how to report concerns or content if needed.

History – Children will explore what it means to be a historian and the traits and skills this would require. Children will understand a basic overview of the different key time periods in our history. They will then focus on Peterborough, discovering the changes and developments that have occurred over time.

Music – Singing – Children are exploring different musical terminology and applying these into their own vocal arrangements. They will also be exploring the ‘power’ of lyrics and how they can change a song’s meaning and mood. Children will be participating in a range of different singing arrangements including creating their own rounds, using rhythm and beats.

RE – The beliefs and practises of Christians, looking at their beliefs in God, who Jesus was, the Bible and pilgrimage.

PE – Dance and Gymnastics. Focusing on different moves, beats and creating a build up of actions to create a routine. 

Science – Children are learning to identify different types of Science experiment and when it is best to use each. Children will be exploring rocks and soils, learning how to classify them, exploring the process of fossils and carry out their own experiements.

Year 3 Work