Key Term Topic

How Do Pirates Find Their Treasure?

We will be exploring the Geography side of treasure hunting this term. We will be investigating different types of maps, reading maps, using a compass and also learning about magnetic forces and how a compass actually works.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy โ€“ย We will be focusing on grammar such as punctuation and word types. We will be then implementing this grammar into a narrative.

Maths โ€“ We will take our place value knowledge and applying this to different calculations and contexts. We will also continue with our 4 operations (x – + and รท) in this context.

DT โ€“ We will be researching, designing and creating a product with a user in mind. This will be child-led for the use of their community.

Music โ€“ We will be exploring and creating beats and rhythms.

RE โ€“ We will be looking at the Easter story and other festivals celebrated within our community, comparing, contrasting and celebrating these.

PE โ€“ We will be continuing to develop our listening and teamwork skills by completing outdoor team activities.

Science โ€“ We will be exploring magnets, materials, magnetic fields and other forces that coincide as a part of our Learning to Learn.

PSHE/Wellbeing – The children will be continuing to understand and explore how to build resilience and determination.

P4C – We will be exploring what makes us unique and answers questions, listening to our peers and formulating responses.

Year 3 Work