Key Term Topic

Why Do We Need To Keep Charging Our Devices?

Our main focus this half term is science, focusing specifically on electricity. The children are going to learn about circuits: what they are, their uses, the different elements and symbols used. They will be working towards their certification as an ‘apprentice electrician’ by completing a variety of tasks. They will also learn about the importance of electrical safety and how to keep themselves safe when using different electrical appliances, as well as some of the important names and faces linked to development of electricity.

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Children can benefit from practising number bond knowledge by clicking on the green Number Bonds option at Hit The Button

Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Fiction and Non-Fiction – recapping and learning the year 4 grammar terminology and applying these different elements to their writing. Children will be focusing on the process of writing: understanding the audience, genre and formality, as well as the process of the planning, writing and editing of a single piece of writing. Children will be creating an engaging narrative which ends with a cliff-hanger and includes fronted adverbials, direct speech and meaningful description. In addition, they will be writing a formal scientific write up of an experiment linked to electricity.

Maths – Four operations, time and word problems, place value. Measures: money including word problems. Fluency in mental maths, the importance and use of jottings.

Art – Pointillism: learning the importance of sketching as the initial stage of any completed art work; recognising the importance of shading and the different ways this effect can be created and creating a portrait of a famous inventor using the pointillism technique.

Computing – Programming: learning how to create a short programme of instructions using Scratch, planning a way to get from A to B and making predictions about what different algorithms will produce.

History – Electricity – learning the history of electricity: who invented it, when, why and how it has shaped the world.

Music – Identifying different music: learning how to identify different instruments by listening to a range of music and learning how to identify and express the mood of particular pieces of music.

RE – World Religions – learning the main events of the Easter story, how it is celebrated across the world and children are to compare this with another religious festival of their choosing.

PE – Outdoor Adventurous Activities: learning to work in teams to overcome and solve different problems using a range of skills and equipment.

PSHE – Resilience: learning the reason behind the need for and importance of resilience, different ways to show resilience and understanding how this will help in different situations.

Wellbeing – Reflecting on their feelings and the feelings of others and developing strategies to help them deal with difficult emotions. Knowing that a healthy diet and plenty of sleep and fresh air can have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Science – Electricity (main focus)

Year 4 Work