Key Term Topic

What causes loneliness?

Key skills of a historian eg. reliability of sources (primary and secondary sources).

The history of Peterborough – What was life like 100 years ago?

Collaborating in teams to tackle loneliness in Peterborough.

Preparing and delivering a performance to EYFS children to entertain and teach the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Creating links with and inviting local community members to a performance/coffee afternoon.

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Children can benefit from practising number bond knowledge by clicking on the green Number Bonds option at Hit The Button

Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Jack and the Beanstalk – Familiarity with the story,

– Writing original versions of the story,

– Preparing and performing a play based on the story.

– BBC 500 words story competition,

– Fronted adverbials,

– Building competence using sentence types.

Maths – Continuing to use concrete pictorial and abstract methods for the four operations

  • Learning times tables and related division facts up to 12 x 12
  • Learning and applying the above skills for word problems and investigations

Art – Comic strip stories – storyboarding Jack and the Beanstalk,

– observational sketches (science observations over time)

– Colour mixing,

– Recognising and understanding primary and secondary colours.

Computing      – Microsoft Publisher – Invitations, Programmes, Posters

 – TTRockstars,

DT – Props and backdrop for performance.

Geography – Peterborough – changes since 1920

  • Why are communities built near a river?

History – The history of Peterborough – What was life like 100 years ago?

– What has changed? What is different?

Music – Musical terminology: pitch, tone, volume, rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony, texture.

– Understanding the effect of music and lyrics.

– Performance – singing during Jack and the Beanstalk performance

RE – How does the Torah influence the lives of Jewish people?

  • The Church Year: Is Easter a festival of new life or sacrifice?

PE – Yoga, badminton.

PSHE – Working together

–  Understanding the importance of money in our lives, where it might come from, and in particular how we can earn it.

– Keeping safe in different contexts.

Science –  Science skills – fair testing, observations over time, looking for patterns.

Year 4 Work