Key Term Topic

What is it like to be disabled in our world today?

This term we will be exploring a range of physical disabilities, developing our understanding on how and why they occur and what it is like to live with one. We will look into what adaptations have been made in the world around us to support people with disabilities, and also consider which adaptions we could invent!

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – Through a variety of genres, we will be developing our composition skills by focusing on creating cohesion in a writing pieces. We will do this by using cohesive devices such as: varying sentences starters, time conjunctions and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Maths – This term we will revise place value and formal written methods for the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), and we will apply this knowledge to reasoning and problem style questions. In addition, we will learn how to find fractions and percentages of amounts using the bar model and explore properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Art – This term we will learn about ‘Arthur Ellis’ an artist who became blind after having meningitis. We will explore his work, the materials he uses and create a piece of work in his style.

Computing – Children will be experimenting with the coding programme ‘Scratch’

Geography – Children are taking part in ‘Young Explorers’ and focusing on map reading. Children will explore different types of maps, as well as create their own map of the school which includes an orienteering trail.

History – In history, we will be focusing on sources. Developing our understanding of what they are, how they are used and whether or not they are considered reliable. We will be applying this skill to learn about the history of the Paralympics.

Music – This term, children will be familiarising themselves with musical terminology and exploring music from different cultures. We will be learning about rhythm and performing music in unison.

PE – We will be taking part in sports which have been adapted for the blind. For example, we will be taking part in blind football and cricket- our focus in these sessions to consider the most effective methods of communication.

PSHE – In PSHE, we are focusing on developing our empathy and understanding of others. We look at lives of other children with disabilities and how we can support them.

Science – In Science this term we will be exploring space! Learning about our Solar System and also taking part in experiments to develop our understanding of forces.


Year 5 Work