Key Term Topic

Who is the King/Queen of adaptation?

Children will be watching some wildlife programmes & reading books on MyON to initially immerse them in why and how animals have adapted to their environment. They will then choose which animal they believe is the king/queen of adaptation.

Following extensive research, they will be asked to present their animal in a debate in order to ascertain who is the king/queen of adaptation. Persuasion and presentation skills will be needed if they want their animal to win.

We will also be looking at Darwin and Mary Anning and what they have done for science and adaptation.

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Key Subject Focus

Literacy – biography, narrative based on a music video, letter writing (complaint), setting description

Maths – revision of fractions, ratio and proportion & statistics

Art – observational drawing (scientific) – several drafts to improve their work – feedback from peers

Computing – ipad training (imovie – trailers and short films)

DT – Summer term

Geography – Census – how has Longthorpe grown and changed over time?

History – Famous people in science (Darwin and Mary Anning), Census – looking back at historical data for the local area

Music – Garageband (ipad) composing music

RE – last half term

PE – OAA – Outdoor and adventurous – orienteering etc

PSHE – Puberty, online safety, Brilliant Schools wellbeing lessons

Science – see main topic

P4C – gender equality & the weekly online lesson from Mrs Morton

Year 6 Work