On the 27th February Longthorpe Primary School Council distributed parking safety leaflets outside of the school. The reason we chose to do this was because:

“we’ve seen a lot of people parking on yellow zig-zag lines and we wanted to take action” (School Council Chairman);

“dangerous parking can cause accidents” (School Council Member);

“it is important for the children’s safety” (School Council Vice Chairman) and

“yellow zig-zag lines are always dominated by misusers and we are trying to put a stop to this.” (School Council Member).

We had lots of positive feedback from the parents we gave leaflets to; nearly all parents we approached taking a leaflet. Many congratulated the children on taking a stand against dangerous and illegal parking outside the school. We also received some great suggestions from parents on how to further tackle the problem, including having child shaped road safety signs which the School Council are now considering organising a fundraiser to purchase.

Following the leaflet handout, some members of the School Council commented that they felt “really proud of themselves” (School Council Member), and “it’s great to feel like we are helping to keep people safe.” (School Council Member). We estimate that with 7 children handing out about 30 leaflets each, plus our adult helpers, we handed out over 250 leaflets!

We will be repeating this initiative and hope people parking in the roads adjacent to the school will respect the reasons why we are doing this.

Miss Polson, School Council Lead Teacher