On Wednesday, 20th March 2019, twenty-five children from year 4 walked to the Cresset (Bretton, Peterborough) to do a beautiful performance to hundreds of people. Wow! They did this because they all wanted to show off their amazing skills at drumming and I think they really did, wow everyone!

Whilst walking in the bright, hot sunshine we were all very nervous and anxious to play Pan Logo and Djembe Waltz in front of around five times the size of Longthorpe Primary School. When we arrived, we met the Music Hub staff along with Mr Bright holding a delicious, yummy Costa cup in his hand! Even though the taxi was 10 minutes late, which was unexpected, we were still on time to collect the drums and go to rehearsal.

Then it was time for rehearsals so we took our seats on stage!! So exciting! As we rehearsed, Mr Bright gave us a couple of top tips for the performance.

Article written by a Year 4 student